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Tours Bohol Alona Kew White Beach Resort
Alona Kew Beach Resort

Tours Bohol Balicasag Island Beach ResortBalicasag Island Resort

Tours Bohol Panglao Island Nature Resort
Panglao Island Resort

Tours Bohol Bohol Beach Club Resort
Bohol Beach Club

Tours Bohol Isis Bungalows Resort
Isis Bungalows

Tours Bohol Alona Palm Beach Resort
Alona Palm Beach Resort

Tours Bohol Flushing Meadows Resort
Flushing Meadows

Tours Bohol Amarela Beach Resort
Amarela Beach Resort

Tours Bohol Lost Horizon Resort
Lost Horizon Resort

Tours Bohol La Estrella Beach Resort
La Estrella Resort

Tours Bohol Tropics Beach Resort
Bohol Tropics

Tours Bohol Amorita Resort
Amorita Resort

..More Bohol Hotels and Resorts..

 Bohol Philippine TarsierGEM OF BOHOL ISLAND
Bohol is like a jade brooch set on a velvet-blue sea. Its fertile land has hills that roll gently around lush forests and grassy meadows. Marine life - from schools of tiny reef fish to bigger pods of dolphins and whales - teem in the surrounding waters.

Located east of Cebu and southwest of Leyte in the Philippines' Central Visayas region, Bohol is bounded on the north by the Camotes Sea, on the west by the Cebu Strait, and on the South by the Bohol Sea.

Covering an area of 4,117 square kilometers, it is essentially an agricultural province, with rice, coconut and corn as main produce. Fishing is a major industry.

Bohol's handicrafts are famous throughout the country. These include mats and baskets, raffia woven cloth, fashion accessories, woodcraft, processed food, and ceramics.

 Bohol Loboc RiverAt the market, one can have a pick of the day's fresh sea catch and have them cooked homestyle at any of the food stalls.

There are also fishermen whose bancas coast along the resort row, selling Neptune's bounty for instant grills. A river cruise through pastoral Cambuhat River in Buenavista leads one to the oyster farms from where one can indulge in real fresh "slipper oysters."

The hotels and resorts have their own dining outlets which can also prepare picnic baskets upon request.

Features information, travel tips and advise on Bohol flights, Bohol tours plus listing of Bohol resort hotels and Bohol beach resorts.

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Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Heritage Hotel
Grand Boulevard Hotel
Hyatt Hotel & Casinos
Manila Hotel
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Cebu Midtown Hotel
Crown Regency Suites and Residences
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